Cut And Run 1985 UNRATED 720p 750MB BRRip [Hindi – English]

Cut And Run 1985 UNRATED 720p 750MB BRRip

DOWNLOAD Full Movie Cut And Run 1985 UNRATED 720p 800MB Blu-Ray Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio [Hindi – English] ESub MKV

Cut And Run 1985 UNRATED 720p 750MB BRRip [Hindi – English]

Inferno in diretta (original title)
IMDB Ratings: 5.7/10
Genres: Adventure, Horror, Thriller
Size: 780mb
Language: Hindi + English
Quality: 720p BluRay
Director: Ruggero Deodato
Writers: Cesare Frugoni, Dardano Sacchetti
Stars: Lisa Blount, Leonard Mann, Willie Aames

Movie Plot: A reporter and her cameraman connect a surviving Jonestown leader and a TV exec’s missing son to a drug war where jungle installations are being massacred by an army of natives and a skilled white assassin.
















Cut And Run 1985 Movie full Review

Cut And Run is a shockingly violent film, that I’ve just seen, where even back in it’s time, would of been over violent, like some of those one off shockers of the 80’s. I almost regret not seeing it back in the 8O’s, where with the not most inviting of covers, it would of been interesting to see my reaction back at 15, whatever. Even, in it’s explosive start, it’s shockingly violent, but worse comes later, believe me. The cover actually falsifies Berryman, as if one of the major stars. Like other flicks, his ugly dial only appears at a couple moments here, where he’s mostly doing harm.

The movie has a bad script, with plain dialogue I couldn’t believe, as if through bits of it, a three year old stepped on board. It has some bad actors, where I think you can pinpoint them out. Lisa Blount as an impulsive reporter, Fran, is the real acting strength in this film. She and her cameraman, are on this mission to fly to the lush Columbian jungle to track down the boss’s son Tommy (Aames, miscast) who’s been used as a muel in the drug smuggling trade,

with a hot young Brazilian honey, her nubile nude body, used as sexual collateral. Also, if she’s lucky, Blount will score an interview with a enigmatic figure (Lynch) who escaped the Jonestown Massacre which saw a suicide pact of over three hundred people, an interesting angle to a sometimes disjointed story, or lack of it. I’ll be honest, this is a bad movie, but it’s bloody gruesome too.