Doctor in Distress 1963 1.5GB DVDRip Dual Audio [Hindi – English]

Doctor in Distress 1963 1.5GB DVDRip Dual Audio

DOWNLOAD Full Movie Doctor in Distress 1963 480p 1.5GB DVDRip Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio [Hindi + English] MKV

Doctor in Distress 1963 1.5GB DVDRip Dual Audio [Hindi – English]

IMDB rating: 5.7/10
Genre: Comedy
Size: 1.5GB
Language: Hindi – English
Director: Ralph Thomas
Stars: Dirk Bogarde, James Robertson Justice, Samantha Eggar
Story… Dr. Simon Sparrow’s love life improves dramatically when the lovely Delia Mallory is brought into casualty with a sprained ankle.



















Doctor in Distress 1963 Movie full Review

This movie sees the return, after an absence of six years, of Dirk Bogarde to the role of Doctor Simon Sparrow. But for a change, the movie’s main emphasis is not placed on the young, bungling medic, but, refreshingly, focuses on the wonderful James Robertson Justice as Sir Lancelot Spratt.

Because of this, ‘Doctor In Distress’ is my personal favourite of the ‘Doctor’ series. It’s a joy to see James Robertson Justice take centre stage for a change, whether bashfully admitting his childhood nickname of ‘Porker’ or visiting a health farm; he never fails to raise a smile.

To be honest, Bogarde is largely wasted in this film; still it is nice to see Simon Sparrow for one final time. Indeed, ‘Doctor In Distress’ does have a feeling of closure to it, with Sparrow no longer a hapless young medic but instead an established colleague and friend of Sir Lancelot. It is a real pleasure to see these two fine actors reunited once again.

Sadly there would be eventually two more ‘Doctor’ movies made, of variable quality, but ‘Doctor In Distress’ sees out the classic ‘Doctor’ movies with style.