Most Wanted 2020 English 720p 1GB WEBRip ESub MKV

Most Wanted 2020 English 720p 1GB WEBRip ESub

DOWNLOAD Full Movie Most Wanted 2020 English 720p 1.1GB WEBRip ESub MKV

Most Wanted 2020 English 720p 1GB WEBRip ESub MKV

Target Number One (original title)
IMDB rating: 6.1/10
Genre: Biography, Crime, Thriller
Size: 1.1GB
Language: English
QUALITY : 720p WEBRip x264
Director: Daniel Roby
Writer: Daniel Roby
Stars: Josh Hartnett, Amanda Crew, Jim Gaffigan
Story… In 1989, a Canadian journalist investigates the circumstances surrounding the suspicious arrest of a heroin addict imprisoned in a Thai jail.
















Most Wanted 2020 Movie full Review

Do not watch this movie. I’d say this review contains spoilers, but considering I still don’t know what the movie was about after watching it, I’ll say there are no spoilers. I rarely review bad movies because its just too easy to rag on them sometimes. This is some low hanging fruit to criticize. An hour into the movie, my wife looked to me and asked me what this movie was about and I couldn’t answer her. I finished the movie and I still can’t answer the question. Josh Hartnett (Hollywood just won’t give up on this guy for some reason) doesn’t seem interested in this role. He’s swollen (from booze?) and even though this movie takes place in Montreal at times (where I’m from) it just wasn’t enough to recommend.

Very good and entertaining movie! (sure, it could be 20 or 30 minutes shorter) but it don’t take away the outstanding acting delivered by Josh Hartnett and the rest of the cast, to be fear. Great production. Nothing fancy, but put you in the 80’s mood within no problem! It deserve the 8 I gave or more!!

So pleased to see a well written, well filmed, well acted story, and set in Canada no less. The thing with Canada is that it has such a clean image on the world stage, you’d never think they’d throw their own under the bus. So, in that sense too, the story was original. It was edited very well, and kept the story line interesting. Such a pleasure to see the talented Hartnett do his thing too. Very good actor for this film based on a true story. Refreshingly great.